Innovating an American Icon

by Caley Edgerly, President & CEO, Thomas Built Buses

Only two countries in the entire world transport students to and from school via a school bus: the United States and Canada. School buses are the largest system of mass transportation in the United States, transporting nearly...

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The Top 10 Lessons for a Future Plant Manager

by Henning O. Bruns, General Manager, Cleveland (NC) Truck Plant

Like a plant in a garden, the working culture of a manufacturing plant also needs nurturing. The challenges of keeping employees working productively and the plant running smoothly are typically unique to the manufacturing world.

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Employment Value Proposition

by Eileen Frack, General Manager, Human Resources

Never has the competition for top talent been as intense as it is today. Innovative companies understand that their ability to continue being prosperous in the future requires attracting the best talent out there. It is no longer enough...

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Think Globally, Work Locally

by Lori Heino-Royer, Director, Business Innovation

In my role at Daimler, a global organization, I have the privilege to experience other cultures in my daily business life. Each of these cultures brings small nuances that define how business in that region operates. From how...

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Leadership 2020

by Eileen Frack, General Manager, Human Resources

Moore’s Law, famous for describing the driving force of technological and social change doubling every two years, also applies to the speed of business. Companies need to continuously evolve, always preparing for striking changes...

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What's in a Name?

by Mary Aufdemberg, Director, product Marketing, Freightliner Trucks

Quite a lot, actually. Especially when you are a brand name … a brand name that’s on top. Freightliner’s new Cascadia went into production in January. And it is following in the tire tracks of a class 8 premium on-highway tractor that...

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