Freightliner’s New Business Class® M2 Trucks Powered By Standard Mercedes-Benz Engine

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PHOENIX, ARIZONA…The new Freightliner Business Class® M2 trucks come with Mercedes-Benz diesel engines as the standard power. The 4.3-liter MBE900 engine is standard in the 106-inch BBC Business Class M2, which is the first truck available in the new product line. The in-line 4-cylinder turbocharged MBE900 engine is rated from 150 to 180 horsepower with peak torque of 520 lb. ft. at 1250 rpm. The 6.4-liter, 6-cylinder MBE900 engine (190 to 300 hp with peak torque of 860 lb. ft. at 1250 rpm) is available as an option

“With its durability and drivability, the Mercedes-Benz MBE900 delivers outstanding performance and low cost of operation,” said Mark Lampert, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Freightliner Trucks. “We’ve specified the MBE900 as standard equipment in the new Business Class M2 because this engine delivers the power, fuel economy and day-to-day performance that our Business Class M2 customers expect.”

Performance Highlights of Mercedes-Benz EnginesEngineered by DaimlerChrysler Powersystems, MBE900 engines feature advanced electronic controls, a unique fuel injection system and extended maintenance cycles. Built with durable core components, including induction-hardened cylinder bores, cam and crankshafts and a cast iron engine block, the MBE900 offers 500,000 miles of performance before a major overhaul is necessary, in normal use.

The engine also offers extended preventive maintenance intervals, with oil and filter changes due every 20,000 miles, or every 15,000 miles in stop-and-go applications. To reduce maintenance costs, oil and fuel filters are mounted on the side and top for easy access from the top of the engine, and injection unit pumps are individually replaceable.

The MBE900 engine has a competitive power-to-weight ratio and generates high torque levels at lower rpm levels, with peak torque achieved in a broad range from 1100 to 1800 rpm, for good low-end driving power and better hill climbing without shifting gears as often.

Freightliner also will offer Caterpillar engines in the Business Class M2.

Mercedes-Benz Transmissions Available in Business Class M2The 106-inch BBC Business Class M2 also is available with 6-speed Mercedes-Benz manual transmissions featuring hydraulically-actuated clutch systems. The direct-drive MBT520S-6D is for trucks up to 40,000 pounds GCW. The over-drive MBT660S-60 is for trucks up to 60,000 pounds GCW.

The direct-drive MBT520 transmission has an overall gear ratio of 9.20 for engines that produce peak torque up to 520 lb. ft., while the MBT660 is an overdrive transmission with an overall gear ratio of 9.18, for engines generating up to 660 lb. ft. peak torque.

MB transmissions offer an intuitive gear-shift pattern, fully synchronized gear shifting and reduced shift effort for easier driving in urban environments.

The Mercedes-Benz transmissions have a maintenance-free clutch actuation system and can run 160,000 miles between oil change intervals, for reduced service costs.

Freightliner Trucks is a division of Freightliner LLC, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, and is the leading heavy-duty truck manufacturer in North America. Freightliner Trucks produces and markets Class 3-8 trucks and is a DaimlerChrysler company, the world's

largest commercial vehicle manufacturer.

Download images from this press release

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