We Are Daimler Truck North America

We gathered people from across our organization to share a bit about what they do, how they're making a difference, and what they like to do outside of designing and building the future of commercial vehicle manufacturing. See who you can meet:

Anurag Hiwanj

Intern Advanced Engineering

As an intern in Advanced Engineering, I mostly work on simulations on the company’s truck pairing project.

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Claire Mak

Manager, Prototype Development Product Validation Engineering

I manage a diverse team that procures and fabricates prototype parts, we work closely with Design Engineering and Engineering Platform Management to develop new projects for the market.

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Leo Diaz

Proprietary Powertrain Engineer Mechatronics

I work on multiple kinds of projects, some of which include building scripts in Vector CANape to verify that the programs placed within the powertrain modules are functioning properly.

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Jose Gomez-Sanchez

Building Operations Manager, Portland Property and Building Management

I get a lot of steps in just doing my job managing the maintenance, security, and disaster planning for 15 buildings on the company’s 1.5 million square-foot campus in Portland.

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Robert B Lyon

Senior Safety Engineer Human Resources, Portland Truck Plant

My favorite part of working at DTNA, aside from the kindness and professionalism of the people I work with, is the opportunity for career growth.

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Samantha Wellington

Specialist, Internal Communications Corporate Communications

After graduating from the University of Oregon in 2016, I started at Daimler Trucks as an intern in Supplier Management.

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