Green Teams

It is important to encourage and engage employees across the company to continuously improve environmental practices and to promote a culture of sustainability across all departments and teams. That is why at DTNA, we encourage the formation of Green Teams. These voluntary groups of employees at plant and corporate locations provide a platform for ideas to become reality, educating and inspiring environmentally-friendly practices at our company and in our employees’ everyday lives. Through these groups, we have accomplished a wide variety of projects including significantly reducing waste, improving energy efficiency, promoting biodiversity, participating in community service projects and much more!

Tree Planting with the Portland Trail Blazers

With the “3's for Trees” program, we partner with the Portland Trail Blazers and Friends of Trees to plant three trees for every three-pointer made during the Blazers’ regular season, and 30 trees per three-pointer during the playoffs. At the end of each Blazers’ season, we invite 100 employees to the Sandy River Delta Park located in Troutdale, Oregon to plant trees and shrubs. In the first three years of the program, we have planted 14,199 trees, greatly helping to restore the beautiful riparian wetland in the delta.

WeRide Program

At the corporate headquarters office in Portland, Oregon, we set up the WeRide program to encourage sustainable transportation options for our employees. WeRide not only provides environmental benefits, but it also improves employee wellness, increases productivity and saves employees’ money. Employees have access to subsidized public transportation, van pool passes and bike share memberships; charging stations for personal electric vehicles; and state-of-the-art amenities for bike commuters, including a bike storage room, locker facilities and on-site bike tune-ups. If employees need a car during work hours or even a ride home, electric smart cars are available for business and personal use. To learn more about these cars, check out this blog article from our Sustainability Champion.



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