Look around you. More than likely, most of the products you see were delivered by truck at some point – from a supplier, to a manufacturer, to a store, to a customer. As the leading commercial vehicle manufacturer in North America, we believe it is our responsibility to continuously improve our environmental performance, positively impacting our local and global communities. Through innovative engineering, we lead the way for fuel efficiency in commercial vehicles and work tirelessly to reduce the emissions of our vehicles. Part of our culture is to continuously improve the sustainable practices of our operations in our offices and manufacturing plants across the organization.


As the leader in manufacturing the most fuel efficient trucks in the market through aerodynamics and whole vehicle integration strategy, we want to continuously push the envelope on fuel efficiency and emissions reduction. With our powertrain, we look to the future with a twofold strategy:  we are committed to enhancing combustion engines by further reducing emissions and increasing fuel economy, while simultaneously researching alternative fuel options with a passion.

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We believe that it is important not just to make a more sustainable product, but also to make our products more sustainably. We are proud to foster a culture dedicated to continuous improvement in our manufacturing processes and business operations to ensure that the environmental impact is minimized and always improving. We encourage our suppliers to do the same. 

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Employee Culture

Our commitment to the planet and to people is ingrained in who we are. We promote our sustainable culture across the company through employee participation in green teams that encourage sustainability both at work and at home. We also benefit our local and global communities through volunteering with our DaimlerCares program.


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