Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) enable a culture of inclusion to flourish at Daimler Trucks North America. ERGs are dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment within the context of the company’s mission, values, goals, and business practices.

ERGs are an excellent support system to foster awareness, mutual respect and inclusion within the work environment. They support the CEO’s and CDO’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, assist in the area of talent acquisition and retention, are a great resource for career development, skill building, cultural awareness, community building internally and corporate responsibility externally. DTNA’s ERGs include:


Asian Resource Network (ARN)

The Asian Resource Network (ARN) provides open forums for the exchange of ideas between employees company-wide, offering an Asian perspective in the workplace through mentoring, educational opportunities, and professional development workshops.


CAMO (Military Veterans)

The mission of the Community Aiding Military within the Organization (CAMO) is to support employees who are military veterans and their families. The group is heavily active in supporting veterans in the communities where we work.



DTNAthletics was created to enable employee networking through fun and friendly sports competitions. Through over a dozen various sports and activities, including basketball, soccer, bocce, and ski clubs, the company promotes team camaraderie across the organization.



The company’s LGBTQ+ and ally employee resource group, EQUAL, empowers employees to bring their authentic selves to work every day by ensuring inclusive corporate policies, providing resources for LGBTQ+ employees, and contributing the community.


Finance Club

The club’s mission to raise the level of financial fluency across all areas of the company inspires its activities to share financial business knowledge to all employees who are interested, including personal finance and the company’s financial processes. 


Hispanic Organization for Leadership & Advancement (HOLA)

With employee groups organized in the U.S. and Mexico, the Hispanic Organization for Leadership & Advancement (HOLA) serves as a catalyst to transform our corporate culture to one where more Hispanic and Latino employees advance to leadership positions.


The Leadership Club

The Leadership Club was formed by employees to inspire colleagues to take responsibility for developing their leadership skills through a friendly, supportive environment with opportunities to learn and network across departments.


New Employees Opportunity Network (NEON)

Members of NEON ensure that new employees receive a warm welcome to the company, helping them connect to the people and information they need from day one at DTNA. The group hosts semi-annual Super NEON events for a deep dive of all things DTNA at our headquarters.


Parents in Networking Group (PiNG)

The Parents in Networking Group (PiNG) strives to provide support and a voice for employees who are also caregivers. The group provides educational opportunities related to caregiving, as well as serving as a liaison with company leaders to drive positive cultural change.


Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)

With hundreds of engineers in the company, STEM education is at the heart of our business. The STEM group goes out into the communities where we live and work to encourage students to pursue technical career paths. 


Supporting Employees of the African Diaspora (SEAD)

SEAD serves as a catalyst for achieving the company’s business objectives through the effective professional development of African-American employees, ensuring that they are significant contributors to the company’s success.


The Sustainability Club

It was only natural that employees started a grassroots group committed to the advancement of sustainable practices, as it is a core value of the company. Through educational and volunteer opportunities, hundreds of employees participate to positively impact the environment.


Women’s Interactive Network (WIN)

In an industry that was traditionally dominated by men, DTNA has made big strides over the past decade to promote the advancement of female business leaders within the company. WIN provides a forum for mentoring and professional development for female leadership.