Inside a Sustainable Supply Chain

by Tori Flanigan, Director, Supplier Management5/17/2017
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Many companies claim to care about sustainable practices. At Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) our commitment goes beyond words and well into action. Just a few of the examples where we lead on sustainable practices: we work in a LEED Platinum headquarters and Zero Waste to Landfill plants, and we engineer the most fuel efficient trucks on the road. There are many more initiatives, including our supply chain practices where we minimize the environmental impact.

We build more trucks than any other original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in NAFTA – and that requires a lot of parts. Consider this: every six minutes a truck rolls off our production line with 2,500 parts inside. Each of those 2,500 parts have their own carbon foot print in the form of logistics and packaging.

Since 2014, we started measuring the environmental impact of our supply chain and taking steps to reduce it. To date we have executed 93 end-to-end projects that eliminate expendable packaging and minimize the distance traveled from our suppliers to our manufacturing locations. Here are some of the statistics:

An example of these projects is to improve the way our suppliers ship parts to us – moving from expendable packaging to right-size reusable totes that can be utilized directly at the assembly line. Not only are we eliminating the cardboard, but we also eliminate “touches” through excess handling and repacking.

Sustainability makes good business sense in our supply chain. We continue to pioneer innovative end-to-end delivery methods with our suppliers, and we aren’t done yet -- another 40 projects are in the works for 2017.

Tori Flanigan Director, Supplier Management

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One of the primary causes employees at Daimler Trucks North America are passionate about is environmental stewardship. When there was an opportunity for the company to partner with the Portland Trail Blazers to give back to the community where we have been headquartered for over seven decades, we saw a natural connection to support Friends of Trees, a Portland-based non-profit organization that helps improve the urban tree canopy in the local community. 

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