LEED Platinum Certified

by Matthew Seidman, P.E. CEM; Sustainability Engineer3/9/2017
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What does it take to accomplish the highest level of certification for an environmentally-friendly headquarters? For starters, it requires a long-term vision, high operational standards, significant investments, and a commitment to values.

In April 2016, we celebrated the grand opening of our new corporate headquarters and all it represents – the future growth and vision of Daimler Trucks North America. In keeping with the company’s commitment to sustainable and environmental practices, it was designed to achieve Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum Certification. With the stringent validation process completed, we were recently recognized with the highest-level certification offered by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), putting our headquarters in the top six percent of all LEED-certified buildings nationwide.

Built on Daimler Trucks North America’s headquarters campus in Portland, Oregon, where the company was founded 75 years ago as Freightliner Corporation, the new flagship building demonstrates our commitment to the environment and sustainable operations. To put things into perspective, while the new headquarters is 50,000 square feet larger than the former headquarters building next door, models project it will consume just 25 percent of the energy. This is due in part to efficiency features like LED lighting, radiant heating and cooling, building automation controls, green roof, solar power, low-flow water fixtures, and coated double-pane windows.

Beyond our core values, cost-savings, and desire to do well for the environment, we also value making a positive impact on the day-to-day experience of our employees. The building utilizes non-toxic interior finishes, has window views from over 90 percent of the interior spaces, uses 100 percent outside air with no recirculation, and monitors itself, automatically adjusting lighting and temperature based on the time of day. Since moving into the new headquarters a year ago, employees report increased comfort and health benefits, as well as increases to their productivity.

For the 100+ employees in Portland who commute by bike, the building boasts an indoor bike garage, complete with lockers for riders’ gear. Other transportation options include a pool of electric smart cars available for employees’ use, electric vehicle charging stations, public transportation access, and an employee transit program.

And the good news only starts here. We are continuously improving the sustainability of all our plants and buildings, leveraging cutting-edge technologies as they become available.

For a list of some highlighted LEED Platinum features in the new headquarters building, click here.

Matthew Seidman P.E. CEM; Sustainability Engineer

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