What's in a Name?

by Mary Aufdemberg, Director, Product Marketing, Freightliner Trucks3/2/2017
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Quite a lot, actually. Especially when you are a brand name … a brand name that’s on top. Freightliner’s new Cascadia went into production in January. And it is following in the tire tracks of a class 8 premium on-highway tractor that is retiring while leading its class in marketshare – it had a steady climb since its debut 10 years prior. But, if you don’t lead, you won’t last. So innovation continues.

The new Cascadia is, in almost every way, a brand new tractor – and yet, it really is made up of the same “stuff” that the previous Cascadia was made of.   Hmmm, that doesn’t sound very technical! That’s because it’s not.

The new Cascadia is made of passion.

The new Cascadia is made of experience. (Here’s where the technical stuff comes in.)

The new Cascadia is made of customer success stories.

The new Cascadia is made of teamwork.

The new Cascadia is made of <insert your name here>.

We started with the best truck out there – and the best people – and we continually challenge the status quo. We consider future technologies and aim to understand how they could benefit our customers’ businesses 5-10 years from now. The team connects the dots to continuously deliver undisputed customer value. Customers are our inspiration.

And with all of that, the new Cascadia now pushes the envelope beyond what our first Cascadia could achieve going forward.   We drive the future, yet again, with a dedication to uptime; quality that is proven through design, testing and cutting-edge manufacturing; a driver “wow” experience through modern design and drivability; and with the good help of our Detroit friends, continued fuel efficiency leadership, industry-leading safety, and unmatched connectivity.

We often get asked, “New truck, why not a new name?” Well, considering what “Cascadia” already stands for in this industry and what “stuff” it is made of – I don’t think we’d want it any other way. It is definitely a name that defines the pinnacle of where we continue to aspire. And our customers have absolutely come to expect nothing but the best from us. Because we can only succeed when our customers succeed.

Mary Aufdemberg Director, Product Marketing, Freightliner Trucks

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