Introducing Our New State-of-the-Art Headquarters

Founded in the Pacific Northwest over 70 years ago as Consolidated Freightways, Daimler Trucks North America has grown with Portland over the years. Our most recent milestone: the grand opening of our improved Swan Island headquarters campus, including a new state-of-the-art nine-story office building on the Willamette River.

The forward-thinking, technology-enhanced flagship office building is expected to achieve LEED Platinum certification and to rank among the top five percent of energy-efficient structures.

Every aspect of the facility’s construction, from workspaces and conference rooms to a fitness center and bike storage room, was thoughtfully designed to achieve an optimal employee experience. As part of the project, we reconnected the public greenway trail along the riverfront, not only enhancing the location’s natural beauty and use for employees, but also for public enjoyment.

The culmination of extensive research on workplace best practices, with input and workshops involving employees and consultants, the project demonstrates our strong commitment to the Portland community by partnering with many local businesses and looking ahead with an eye on perpetual efficiency, excellence, and innovation.

Cutting-edge, People-Focused Innovation: Engineered and Delivered Daily

Engineering innovation: it’s a simple idea, but its execution is anything but. Realized in the perpetual pursuit of industry-leading quality—and augmented by the certainty that everything we do can always be improved—at Daimler Trucks North America, this dedication to engineering innovation is embedded into our DNA. It’s what drives us to impact the economy and the world.

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Celebrating 100 Years of Passionate Innovation with Thomas Built Buses

Daimler Trucks North America is proud to congratulate Thomas Built Buses on its 100-year anniversary in 2016. Committed to perpetual innovation while prioritizing customer, driver...

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