Employee Centered Giving

by David Giroux, Director of Communications and Corporate Marketing3/30/2017
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Over the past century, corporate giving has changed quite a bit in America. Its roots are based on individual philanthropists like John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie making huge donations in the early 1900’s. By the mid-1900’s, following the war, companies tended to focus more on donating to large national non-profit organizations.

More recently, over the past few decades, corporate giving gave way to cause-related marketing, strategically using giving initiatives to help generate sales. At Daimler Trucks North America, we are taking a different approach forward by focusing company support of the causes that employees feel passionately about.

Employees are, after all, members of the communities we seek to serve.

Starting in 2017, we are following employees’ lead to determine which local organizations the company should support in the areas where we live and work: primarily Portland, Oregon; Detroit, Michigan; and Charlotte, North Carolina.

We have revised our matching gifts program up to a $500 match per employee to any non-profit organization of their choice, and we have launched a Volunteer Time-Off program where each full-time employee gets two paid days off to volunteer at any non-profit of their choosing.

These programs were designed to honor the diversity of employee giving by supporting a broad spectrum of organizations and institutions with both financial donations and volunteer hours.

In addition, employees will continue to have the company’s support for the many various giving initiatives organized by the dozen employee resource groups which represent different affinities from veterans to women to new employees. Over the past four years, each employee resource group has proactively initiated community outreach efforts that make us all proud, including toy drives, community pride parades, and multi-cultural exchanges.

Employees are the heart and soul of any company, and thankfully, we are privileged to support the passion demonstrated by so many generous employees who initiate and participate in community outreach activities.

David Giroux Director of Communications and Corporate Marketing

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