Employment Value Proposition

by Eileen Frack, General Manager, Human Resources5/31/2017
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Never has the competition for top talent been as intense as it is today. Innovative companies understand that their ability to continue being prosperous in the future requires attracting the best talent out there. It is no longer enough to be an average worker, and it is no longer enough to be an average employer.

With a reputation for manufacturing innovative products that spans over a century, Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) knows the urgency for hiring people today who will be engineering the best trucks of tomorrow. Without a great team, the heart and soul of what has made the company great will diminish.

Our goal in Human Resources is to continually find ways of evolving the employee experience through our employer value proposition (EVP) – the well-rounded combination of elements that employees recognize as contributing to the value of their employment. Understanding our company’s EVP helps get us to our goal of being an exceptional place to work.

To optimize our company’s EVP, we have gone through the rigorous process of identifying every touchpoint on the employee journey in order to find ways to continuously improve the employee experience, starting with the time preceding their hiring. Later this year, we will launch our redesigned onboarding process that will highlight how each employee directly contributes to our culture of innovation and comradery through our shared passion for trucks.

While we are proud of the experience that we currently offer employees, we understand it is always a work in progress. The key is to listen to what they want. It is a diverse crowd to please considering the mix of office and manufacturing jobs, the locations from South Carolina to Oregon and Michigan to Mexico, and the variety of skill sets and backgrounds, but it is a worthy goal to serve employees to the high standards for which our products are known.

Eileen Frack General Manager, Human Resources

Inside a Sustainable Supply Chain


Many companies claim to care about sustainable practices. At Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) our commitment goes beyond words and well into action. Just a few of the examples where we lead on sustainable practices: we work in a LEED Platinum headquarters and Zero Waste to Landfill plants, and we engineer the most fuel efficient trucks on the road. There are many more initiatives, including our supply chain practices where we minimize the environmental impact.

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Small Changes have a Big Impact


Paradigm change has driven innovation. In our industry, Gottlieb Daimler invented the automobile and the truck over 100 years ago by thinking differently, as did Henry Ford when he made a small change that had a big impact on making the price of a vehicle affordable to the average American household.

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